Sydney Tantric Massage

Sydney Tantric Massage lists genuine trained Tantric practitioners, all independently operating in Sydney, Australia. Here you can find a range of tantric offerings, from real tantra massage, erotic tantra, healing tantric bodywork, sexual healing, light conscious kink, and tantra inspired sex and intimacy coaching, and more. For men, women and couples and the LGBT community. Please see the practitioners' pages for their offerings and contact details.

trust - taryn harvey

From life as an escort and evolution into tantric practitioner, Taryn Harvey shares her journey along the way in her new book TRUST.

Our friend and colleague, Taryn Harvey, has written a book about her personal journey of self development and healing on her life journey from marketing executive, through her years of escorting, and evolution into the pioneering tantric sex coach and healer that she is today.  With a natural empathic capacity for reflection and observation, and obviously highly intelligent, Taryn turned… Read more →


The difference between Tantric and Erotic Massage

Written by Cathryn Jiggens reposted from: If you were to draw a venn diagram showing the relationship between Tantric and erotic massage practitioners in the market place, you would find that there is a huge overlapping area at the centre, and two much smaller (but growing) areas of separate and ideologically quite distinct practitioners. The purpose of this article… Read more →

Laviras describes Tantric Massage

STM is pleased to welcome another new practitioner to the site.  Laviras is one of the most highly experienced Tantric Practitioners in Australia.  She is a pioneer, with 16 years of continuous uninterrupted and professional full time tantric massage work, and 25 years of continuous meditation, healing, and study of metaphysics.  Her offerings are amazing, so please check out her… Read more →

Shamanic De-Armouring, 10-24 August, 2014, Byron Bay area, NSW

Shamanic De-armoring is an intense healing process that loosens past pain tapes held within the body, frees and expands the overall life force energy and stimulates vital health and happiness. It is a modernized shamanic technique and ceremony that restores one back to a natural balance. This process utilizes vibratory machines, specific pressure points, breathing techniques, and the movement of one’s… Read more →

More Men Needed. Quodoushka Retreat, Ballina Q1: March 20 – 23

Do you know any single men? If they register in next 7 days via direct deposit Early-bird price of $1095 is available.   CALL MUKEE NOW • 0439 433 571   Q1: waiting list only for single women Registration still available for couples Q2: registration currently available for all   ************************************************* Any single men interested in expanding your… Read more →

tending the fire of passion

Tending the Fire of Passion! A one day workshop – Sunday 6th April 2014

To register and book your place go to Tending the Fire of Passion! Creating & Negotiating the Relationship YOU want A one-day workshop for singles and couples The passionate intimacy of a conscious loving relationship is built upon a foundation of mutually agreed intent, clear direction and purpose. Maintained by reverent tending to integrity, love, honesty & negotiation. The… Read more →

No sex please, we’re equals

Recently the SMH published an article (below) about how the 50-50 relationship doesn’t seem to foster great sex … or much sex at all for that matter between couples.  even if the relationship is going better than ever in every other area … as they say … too much time together and too much equality decreases desire.  this article doesn’t… Read more →

artwork by mukee owen

Quodoushka Retreats 2014 in Ballina Q1: March 20 – 23 • Q2: March 27 – 30

  Imagine if sex was natural, sacred and beautiful ….   Can you imagine how different the world might be if that was the natural understanding? Imagine having this truth cellularly imprinted into you so that you embodied this innocence again.   These Retreats are AMAZING.  Life changing.  So much fun.  Immensely interesting.  And beyond that, you will be fundamentally… Read more →


Bondassage – Amazing!

yum – a safe sensual space to experience the delight of your body in sensory pleasure bliss with a gifted practitioner. Taranga says… “In a Bondassage session, you’ll experience both sensory deprivation and sensory overload. First you’ll be lightly bound to my comfortable massage table. Next I cover your eyes with a blindfold, and your ears with headphones, playing soft,… Read more →