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Sydney Tantric Massage lists genuine trained Tantric practitioners, all independently operating in Sydney, Australia. Here you can find a range of tantric offerings, from real tantra massage, erotic tantra, healing tantric bodywork, sexual healing, light conscious kink, and tantra inspired sex and intimacy coaching, and more. For men, women and couples and the LGBT community. Please see the practitioners' pages for their offerings and contact details.

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Pomegranate for Perfect Prostate Health!

Inspired by my recent research into that natural marvel, The Pomegranate Plant, I’ve got some information for the men too.  My last blog post about pomegranate focused exclusively on its benefits for women’s hormonal health.  Well.  It’s just as amazing for men’s health – duh.  Because we are all human beings – yay. Pomegranate health benefits are scientifically proven The… Read more →


Pomegranate – Nature’s Perfect Treatment for Female Hormonal Health

One of the key ingredients in Secret Ceres, the pomegranate has been renowned throughout history as one of the most powerful elixirs for women’s health, hormonal balance, beauty, and fertility. Its impact on breast health, fertility, hormonal balance, skin rejuvenation, and heart health has long been known, and is now confirmed by modern science. Interestingly, there is a guiding principle… Read more →

Sex Sonics Weekend Workshop – Sydney – March 14-15, 2015

Created and Hosted by the Divine Eve from Sydney Tantra Temple.

We have been forever conditioned to “keep the lid on” or to “keep it down” when sounding our sexual pleasure. This has resulted in a diminished capacity of experiencing our pleasure and the fullness of our sexual nature.

Remember a time when you’ve been really vocal with your sexual expression, do you remember how alive you felt? how it heightened your experience? how much more pleasure you were able to feel? Now remember an experience of how you felt when you were totally silent…..

Conscious sound creates more presence, aliveness, connectedness, embodiment & more pleasure. It offers us an incredible sense of freedom and expansiveness when we reclaim our right to “make noise” and be heard.

Sex Sonics opens up the energy channels of the body through tuning forks and sounding. It particularly relates to opening up the throat and the central channel or the “inner flute” that connects the throat to the genitals.

During our 2 Day Intensive We Will Experience:

* How To Find Your Authentic Voice
* Learning How to Connect Your Voice, Your Heart & Your Genitals Together
* Breakthrough to Your True Expression in a Supportive Group Environment
* Increase Your Ecstatic Response & Capacity for Full Body Orgasmic Experiences & Multi-Orgasmic States
* Melt & Release Emotions, Resistances, Stress & Tension
* Hands On Body Practices with Tuning Forks, Meridian Maps, Sound & Frequency
* Daily Practices of Dance, Movement, Meditation & Breath.
* Deeper States of Awareness, Joy, Freedom & Embodiment

Suitable for both beginners & practitioners. Early bird Price $350 for bookings before Monday, 2nd March 2015. All tickets $395 thereafter.

Book your place here:
For further information, please call Eve on 0425 347 477.
What Is Sex Sonics Youtube:

Alkanise your Body for a pH Healthy Yoni

I thought I’d better write a blog post about the importance of diet in yoni health.  I’m selling the wonderful and healing Secret Ceres stick here on the website, which works rapidly to counter odours and infections within the yoni cave.  But you also need to know that if the PH balance of your yoni is out, if you have thrush… Read more →

Lorella Ricci

Connecting to your Authentic Sexuality Workshop for Men and Women – Nov 18th onwards.

Sydney Tantra Temple is hosting  Lorella Ricci and this transformative 4 week (4 Tuesdays) workshop. Transform your relationship to yourself and your sexuality. Deepen your capacity for relationship and exquisite intimacy. Experience a deeper confidence and trust in yourself. A four-week workshop for Women & Men Sydney Tantra Temple, Randwick 4 Consecutive Tuesday evenings, 6pm — 9pm 18 November —… Read more →


Shantam Nityama – 4 Day Retreat – Sydney – October 23rd-26th, 2014

Spend time with a real Tantric Master This 4-day residential retreat with Shantam Nityama is designed to give the group a deeper, hands-on exploration into Nitvana Bodywork. The experience will give participates the opportunity to live in the energy field for four days and become saturated with the energy of the work. It is rare when one has the chance… Read more →


Techniques for a Better LoveLife – in the comfort of your own home.

Workshops aren’t for everyone.  This newly released online video Masterclass is a high quality product.  Highly recommended, if you and your partner have been looking for some at home guidance on creating greater intimacy. Techniques for a Better LoveLife is a 4-hr/44-video series containing practical demos, rituals, role-plays and classes to inspire and guide you. The series covers areas such as communication techniques,… Read more →


The difference between Tantric and Erotic Massage

Written by Cathryn Jiggens reposted from: If you were to draw a venn diagram showing the relationship between Tantric and erotic massage practitioners in the market place, you would find that there is a huge overlapping area at the centre, and two much smaller (but growing) areas of separate and ideologically quite distinct practitioners. The purpose of this article… Read more →

Laviras describes Tantric Massage

STM is pleased to welcome another new practitioner to the site.  Laviras is one of the most highly experienced Tantric Practitioners in Australia.  She is a pioneer, with 16 years of continuous uninterrupted and professional full time tantric massage work, and 25 years of continuous meditation, healing, and study of metaphysics.  Her offerings are amazing, so please check out her… Read more →