About Prostate Massage

The G-Spot or Sacred Spot of a man is his prostate gland.

The prostate is the man’s emotional sex centre.  Just as women store their unexpressed emotions and their unresolved trauma in the walls of the vagina, so men store theirs in the prostate.  Men have not been encouraged to express themselves emotionally in our culture, and there is a link between this and prostate problems.


The prostate massage can be extremely pleasurable, but it is also extremely healing.  It is very useful for lasting longer and erectile dysfunction issues, as it brings more life and blood flow to that whole area.  Prostate massage can you help you to reclaim sexual sensations that you have lost … quite possibly because you spend all day sitting on it!

Prostate massage manually stimulates the prostate gland, flushing fluid from the gland and encouraging blood flow to the entire pelvis. This can be a highly stimulating or profoundly relaxing experience. As an added bonus, releasing chronic constriction in the pelvis can enhance erections by allowing more blood flow into the penis during arousal. Some men notice dramatic changes in their erectile function after exploring prostate massage. In fact, up to two-thirds of a man’s penis can be situated internally. Sometimes, erections become weaker or smaller overtime because chronic constriction in the pelvic muscles limit blood flow to the penis and keep the penis contracted inside the body. Massage of the perineum and prostate can allow these muscles to relax, and a higher volume of blood can reach the penis.


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